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Social responsibility: learn about the actions we support.

diversity and
civic engagement

Our differences are our
greatest competitive advantage.


Diversity is not an «alternative Human Resources policy», but the only possible way to assemble creative, adaptable and open-minded teams, that are able to deal with the new demands of markets and corporations.

While traditional approaches are limited to «fitting people in», we celebrate diversity without making noise about it, welcoming differences through a vast selection and recruiting pipeline, that embraces maturity, diversity of gender identity, ethnic pluralism, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds and world views.

Our way of living,
embracing, leading and endeavor

We celebrate diversity and defy every form of prejudice, because we want everyone to be proud of what they are and want to be.

Furthermore, we believe that a truly inclusive culture shows itself in an open space for everybody, dissolves barriers and unleashes each person's natural potential.

Committee for
People Management
And Community
Diversity and Inclusion Practice Analysis Seal 2021
Diversity and Inclusion Practice Analysis Seal 2022
Diversity and Inclusion Practice Analysis Seal 2023


Leaders and entrepreneurs.

Vaz de Almeida Advogados is proud of its uninterrupted history of respect for women and the facts speak for themselves: in our Firm, 50% of leadership roles are played by women, including the Strategic Committee of Leaders (2023).

He For She

Vaz de Almeida is a signatory of the HeForShe global commitment.

Since March 2021, we have formally committed to the global #HeForShe movement, becoming its signatories (#2221499) aswell as promoters.

The #HeForShe Movement is a UN-Women initiative to facilitate dialogue among men and boys about how they can act as allies in promoting gender equity and respect for women.

And the proposal is simple. Men: use your power of influence.

«HeForShe: men are part of the solution.»

Talk about respect for women with your friends, wherever you are. At work, at the pub, at the barbershop, in the ring, on the mat, at the stadium or at the gym. Engage and encourage the practice of gender equality in all your social roles.

Millions of people around the world are already part of the United Nations' global solidarity movement for gender equality. Get inspired by their stories and take action.

HeForShe: advancing dialogue among men and boys, about how they can act as allies in promoting respect for women.

Vaz de Almeida Advogados
n. 222 1499.

Our Community

A new start, every day.

A powerfully synergetic ecosystem can never be definitely conquered. Therefore, we acknowledge that respect for diversity and gender equity are attained «along the way» and demand an ongoing education process.

Center for
He For She Monograma

Human capital

Our clients never stand still.
Nor do we.

Our People Management model demands a core set of extremely competitive skills from our professionals.

We have built a team of brilliant minds, with talented young professionals equipped with the needed capacities to address the new labor relations, new markets and the frequent changes in legislation in the economic sectors we operate in.

Emotional and
Intellectual Capital

Our teams are encouraged to learn how to learn, to develop negotiating skills, to roll out their ideas, to develop healthy habits and balance between respect and empathy on one side, and courage and integrity of character on the other.

We are in the business of people and information. Our Intellectual Capital is our greatest asset.

Therefor being the best means having the best team.

Collaborative and ingenious people, prepared to meet or even exceed the expectations of our clients, and, if necessary, to be as competitive as needed to safeguard rights and interests in a vigorous and assertive manner.

Our professionals are not resources
People are our main asset.

If you like a job well done and well presented, on-time and with willingness; if you believe, that you can make a positive contribution for people's lives through everyday work; if you have an «international mentality», a headstrong temperament and are looking for a challenge, then we probably are your company.

Caio Vaz de Almeida
Founder and Managing Partner
are our
main asset

Vaz de Almeida
Pro Bono

Sharing needs in order to share the meaning of life.

Looking to
real people

We can't solve all the problems of the people we help with our small social gestures. Nevertheless, we can't ignore the interest our heart has for others, nor our desire to share life.

Doing good might simply be smiling, listening carefully, be silent, speak with sincere affection or donating a little of our time.

We believe, that doing our job with passion is also a way of doing good, intervening positively in society and building a legacy.

Donating oneself is a structural demand of the human condition, and when we fail to do it, we fail to fulfill ourselves.

It is very

When we recognize something beautiful, something that matches our desire for happiness, we feel compelled to communicate it to others. And when we see someone's dignity violated, their integrity compromised or their potential ignored, something in us demands that we shift some of our energy to «do something». Sometimes it's just being available.

Of course, we are not always like that. But we acknowledge that this is our nature.

«Cura Personalis»

Furthermore, we sponsor discreet gestures of solidarity with a kind glance for real people and their specific needs, as long as there is no public disclosure. If your Organization wishes to be a partner of our «cura personalis» initiatives, please contact us.

Center for
Financial Management and
Legal Controllership

Pro Bono Legal Support
& Agenda 2030

Guidelines for the selection of partnerships.

We adopted 2 combined thematic criteria for the selection of new social partnerships, based on 2 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the «2030 Agenda» proposed by the United Nations: «Gender Equity» (SDG n.5) and «Work and Economic Development» (SDG n. 8). The 2030 Agenda is an ambitious call aiming for the solution of the main challenges facing humanity, signed by the 193 Member States of the United Nations General Assembly.

Committee of

Uni Arte Project

Economic development and gender equity.
Click to watch the video

We have been partners with Uni Arte, a «creative economy» experience connected to the Automotive Chain, since 2016. The Project has transformed the lives of a talented community of artisans and seamstresses in the City of Indaiatuba (SP), through the upcycling of seat belts, airbags and automotive fabrics, transforming them into fashion and art pieces. The Project relies on our free legal support, with the same technical rigor and energy with which we serve all our customers.

Currently constituted as a cooperative, Uni Arte is the story of a group of young mothers, housewives and grandmothers who decided to act to change the course of their lives: without political ties or public funding, the initiative generates work and income, making it possible for its members to make a decisive contribution to their families through the design of backpacks, bags, notebook cases and other incredible items.

As Judite Fernanda Simionato, president of the institution, frequently reports, «when income comes into the household through women, we know that the most basic needs will be met. Children, the sick and the elderly will be cared for, the main needs of the family will be met».

Know more in the blog Center for


Small deeds that open the heart.

Our Social

We support some civil iniciatives for people's dignity, contributing with them in our local and global communities.

The core of these actions is human dignity and the primordial rights to health, quality of life and self-governance.

Our social partners are chosen by the following requirements: the economic transparency of the supported institutions; the absence of authorized financiers interfering with operation strategies; the absence of formal ties of these institutions to States and Corporations; and, last but not least, institutions, whose leadership boards are composed by technical member only, free of political ties.


Global Initiative
Doctors Without Borders

The Doctors Without Borders initiative (Médecins sans Frontières) is an international humanitarian organization of French origin created in 1971 by physicians and journalists. The MSF takes medical care to people affected by armed conflicts, natural disasters, humanitarian actions, epidemics, malnutrition and by the complete absence of medical assistance. In addition, the Organization seeks to draw attention to the struggles faced by the people that are helped by their projects, granting visibility to realities, that must not remain neglected. The institution was awarded the Peace Nobel Prize in 1999.

Doctors Without Borders
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Regional Initiative

The Associação de Assistência à Criança Deficiente (AACD) is a medical institution that offers multidisciplinary support for people suffering from cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, cephalic disorders and amputations. With its headquarters in the State Capital of São Paulo, the Organization focuses its economic and operational efforts on the personal and social self-reliance of its patients.

Associação de Assistência à Criança Deficiente
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Local Initiative
Centro Infantil Boldrini

The Centro Infantil Boldrini is one of the largest philanthropic hospitals specializing in pediatric oncology and hematology in Latin America, with an 80% average survival rate. With its private and non-profit character, it is a public interest institution, that belongs to the local community of the City of Campinas, in São Paulo State, located close to our head office. The Boldrini Hospital is renown for sheltering children and their families from all around the country, as well as for its substantial investments in scientific research and international exchange of researchers.

Centro Infantil Boldrini
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Center for
Financial Management and
Legal Controllership