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Meet our leaders

In a certain way, every Service Taker hopes to find lawyers who simplify things, communicate with clarity and objectivity and don’t demand much of their time. Lawyers who act like owners, focused on finding solutions and inclined towards a positive and optimistic mindset. This is simply impossible without the right people!

Our leaders combine a high level of knowledge and experience in various industries and markets with the clear understanding of our ability to go beyond, deepening our empathy for our clients, diving into their cultures, studying their operations, listening carefully ― and, if necessary, starting all over again.

When we arrived at our current lineup many years ago, we soon realized that it was right. Trust was established immediately, enabling an incredible synergy. The result was the assembling of creative and flexible teams, made of people who truly care about the impact they have upon our clients and their people.

Meet our key players, their expertise and communication channels. We understand leadership. Schedule your videoconference.