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Vaz de Almeida’s Corporate Department is highly qualified and experienced societary planning for corporate groups; constitution of consortia and joint ventures; refined M&A operations, incorporations, transformations and demergers; company set-ups abroad, subsidiaries or not; development of societal compliance policies; structuring of financial operations; fruition of operations vis a vis the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE); legal support for operations concerning the Central Bank (Bacen), the Commision for Real-Estate Values (CVM), the Control Council for Financial Activities (COAF) and other regulating agencies; wealth management, family businesses and succession planning; On-site management of legal departments and allocation of lawyers and «Turn-Key legal managers».

Furthermore, we have a unit that specializes in Contract Management (CLM) and other trade instruments — including negotiations, drafting or revision, digitalization, digital authenticity certification and insertion in our shared management platform — as well as other corporate solutions, in adaptable service levels.

  • Negotiating and drafting of complex contracts
  • Sharable platform for contract management
    (Contract Lifecycle Management)
  • Societal Constitution and Restructuring
    Sale and purchase of companies
    Defense against hostile takeovers
  • Acquisitions, swaps or combinations of participations
  • Minutes, statutes, articles of incorporation, MoUs, Shareholder Agreements, Control Divestments, Transfer of Minority Interests
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
    Project Finance
    Trade Finance
    Acquisition Finance
    Share Offers (IPO, Follow-on and OPA)
  • Foreign investments in Brazil
    Brazilian investments abroad
    Legal Support for foreigners
    International transactions and disputes
  • Allocation of lawyers and «Turn-Key legal managers»
  • International trade operations
    Global supply chains
    Manufacturing, distribution and retail
    Sales representations and Franchising
  • Client representation at the CADE
    Investigations of conducts that undermine competition
    Antitrust Compliance
  • Compliance Risk Assessment
    Negotiation of Leniency Agreements
  • Succession
    Wealth Management
  • Transdisciplinary projects of Due Diligence
  • Legal representation for foreign enterprises

We have an incredible team of specialists for compliance with Personal Data Protection (LGPD & GPDR), capable of leading multidisciplinary teams for legal, technological and process adequacy; mapping of critical points (gap analysis); Risk Assessment; drafting of policies and corporate documents; implementation of incident control and monitoring instruments; facilitation of workshops on good practices and data protection measures; legal support in cases of security incidents, as well as drafting of Impact Reports for Data Protection.

Our Legal Lab helps our clients to organize Corporate Governance Models for IT, and to manage the legal aspects of Cybersecurity; Big Data, AI and IoT; Blockchain and Smart Contracts; mining and investment models for cryptocurrencies; negotiation and drafting of development contracts, licensing and distribution of Software and Mobile Applications; Cloud Computing; digital technology transfer contracts; legal aspects of technology sharing between head office and branches; deployment of FinTechs and digital banks.

  • Compliance with the protection of personal data
  • Impact Reports on Data Protection
  • Legal aspects of Cybersecurity
    Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
    Internet of Things
  • Cloud Computing
    Software Engineering and Mobile APPs
  • Block Chain and Cryptoactives
    Smart Contracts
  • Techs and Emerging Companies
  • e-Commerce and Marketplaces
    Digital media entertainment
    Social Media
  • Hiring of digital influencers
  • Streaming platforms
    Digital media entertainment
  • Civil Liability and Cybercrimes
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Information Security Policies
  • Terms of Use for IT— and telecommunications resources

Located 12 minutes away from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and 15 minutes from the National Research Center for Energy and Materials (CNPEM), we are favored by the proximity to the most public institutions, world class companies and high technology hubs dedicated to research and development (R&D/RTD) in all of Latin America, which is the reason for our experience and qualification to deal with our clients' international portfolios in all IP-related areas.

We are also experienced in licensing agreements and transfers of copyrights and intellectual property; technology transfers; drafting of policies for the protection of industrial secrets; non-disclosure agreements; legal warnings for executives and employees; protection of industrial secrets in joint trade operations; disputes involving unfair competition, counterfeiting, piracy, violations of commercial names, brands and patents, including legal actions for seizure and compensation for material and moral damages.

  • Protection, registration and management of IP-assets
  • Consortia, joint ventures and M&A involving strategic IP-assets
  • Brands and e Brand Protection
  • Legality of Marketing Strategies
  • Trade Secrets
    Industrial Designs
    Names and Domains on the web
  • Food engineering
    Geographical Indications
    Designatns of Origin
  • Cultivars, pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
  • Chemicals and agricultural inputs
  • Materials and nanomaterials
  • Copyrights on design, architecture, paintings, sculptures, music, dance and theater, literature, cinema and advertising.
  • Technology Transfer

It is our mission to reduce tax costs for our clients, identifying legitimate tax opportunities, exploring applicable legislations at federal, state and municipal levels, as well as its regulations, rulings, acts and queries; precedents that benefit taxpayers and tax-related Leading Cases, applicable to each singular case — carefully examining the companies' current tax planning, with customized approaches for each client — without reaching for off-the-shelf solutions. Our experts are completely aligned with the achievement of results, favoring less costly alternatives for conflict resolution, always in tune with the Tax Law Consultancy and Strategic Planning unit.

We work together with our clients to identify real opportunities to avoid and eliminate risks and contingencies, by means of tax compliance operations, which are essential for decision-making — at the lowest fiscal cost — ranging from the set-up of industrial sites to the logistics planning of the supply chains and distribution networks. Our experts develop strategic tax plans; provide support for Administrative Councils and CFOs; provide support for M&A operations, setting-up of Joint Ventures and restructuring of corporate groups; facilitate trainings and workshops on tax issues, for the improvement of executives, managers and analysts.

  • Administrative and
    Legal Disputes

  • Drafting of administrative objections arising from infraction notices and appeals due to non-approved tax compensations
  • Defense and appeal in cases of tax foreclosures and precautionary tax measures
  • Reduction of tax incidence and reimbursement of overpaid taxes via legal measures
  • Drafting of Writs of Mandamus against abusive acts by fiscal authorities
  • Legal support during inspections and audits
  • Limitation of tax liability for partners and managers
  • Applicable precedents
    Leading Cases
  • Management of Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Tax crimes
  • Analysis and preparation of legal opinions on installment plans
  • Drafting of plans to eradicate or mitigate tax liabilities
  • Due Diligence in M&A operations
  • Consultancy and
    Strategic Planning

  • Tax Compliance
  • Domestic and international tax planning
  • Structuring of foreign investments in Brazil
  • Support for societary planning
  • Support for corporate constitutions abroad, subsidiaries or otherwise
  • Tax advice on remittances and receipts from abroad
  • Tax aspects of financial operations
  • Tax incidence optimization projects
  • Recuperation of accumulated tax credits (ICMS)
  • Recuperation ICMS ST credits — including due to price gaps
  • Recuperation of federal tax credits
  • Tax benefits and special tax regimes
  • Tax impact mitigation on logistics networks
  • Consultancy on direct and indirect taxes, as well as social security and customs tariffs
  • Consultancy on Cross Border operations, multilateral treaties and interactions with foreign law firms
  • Tax models for infrastructure projects
  • Legal advice during inspections and audits
  • Workshops, trainings and lectures

Our firm is acknowledged — by our clients as well as by specialized publications — as a benchmark in Legal Support to the players of the Automotive and Auto Parts Industries, a sector of great economic relevance with a long supply chain.

Relations are not always smooth, given that technical service suppliers, Tiers and assemblers are all extremely sensitive to economic circumstances, not to mention the rising competitiveness on all levels of the chain. Our experts know this scenario well, and have both the experience and the skills needed to handle demanding negotiations, to develop or analyze contracts and to manage the vast and complex contractual documentation of these relations.

Contracts in this industry are build up on several documents with debatable orders of predominance and, not seldom, tied to conflicting rules, in multiple languages and based on legislations, that are at odds with Brazilian law. Our specialists are at home in this universe, managing the vast chain of communication, documenting conflicts, identifying risks, notifying counterparties of their obligations and pursuing the restoration of balance in these relations.

  • Negotiation and preparation of technical-industrial service contracts, Facilities, Tiers and manufacturers
  • Shareable contract management platform
    (Contract Lifecycle Management)
  • Legal analysis of trade proposals
  • Price gaps / Cost Breakdown
  • Risk assessment
  • Relations with head offices
    Strategic communication
  • Interlocution with the Tiers
    Conflict resolution
  • Product Liability
    Automotive Recalls
    Crises management
  • Drafting of notices
    Structured strategies
  • Documentation, negotiation and resolution of Claims
  • Specialized tax consultancy
    Legal aid for businesses
  • Industrial secrets
    Industrial intelligence
    Technology transfer
  • Downsizing
    Lay Off
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Due Diligence transdisciplinary projects

We are always headed towards the best solutions and alternative means for resolving conflict — in the most intelligent, agile and least costly way for our clients — favoring negotiations over legal actions. Nonetheless, when negotiations are not possible, we have an experienced team, that specializes in legal disputes, highly qualified to act under pressure with agility, like an «offensive line». Among our requests are corporate and commercial disputes, as well as those related to customer relations; disputes involving supply chains, transport and distribution; real-estate related conflicts; disputes involving franchising and intellectual property; Conflicts of competition and disputes about succession and corporate crimes.

The oldest department of our firm upholds a precious tradition of technical excellence in legal writing, procedural strategy, edicts and oral arguments in court and lodgment of appeals in all instances, with the aim of assuring the discharge or transfer of obligations, the fulfillment of civil liabilities, the observance of contracts, possession and ownership, as well as consortia of goods and rights.

  • Conflict resolution in Brazilian and international arbitral courts
  • Mediation and conciliation
  • Examination of evidence and risk assessment in disputes
  • Procedural Strategies
  • Petitions, defenses, edicts and oral arguments
  • Commercial and corporate disputes
    Conflictive corporate dissolutions
    Judicial recoveries
  • Bet-the-Company Litigation
  • Corporate criminal law
  • Corruption and administrative improbity
  • Civil Liability
  • Protection of interests and exercise of rights
  • Legal opinions and reports on the validity of legal affairs
  • Compliance with obligations
    Contract related disputes
    Strategic recuperation of credits
  • Possession, ownership and shared ownership and rights
  • Asset Management related disputes
  • Disputes over succession planning
  • Due Diligence transdisciplinary projects

Our specialized unit for personal and labor relations advises administrative councils and business directors on how to handle continuous change, redesigning human capital management macroprocesses (integration, remuneration, development, accountability and global mobility); leading negotiations between unions and collective bargaining agreements; designing policies and facilitating workshops on inclusion, respect for diversity, observance of Human Rights and community relations; offering legal support for the leaders of Startups and the entrepreneurs of the emergent disruptive solutions; planning, implementing and monitoring Home Office and Anywhere Office arrangements; and providing legal support to labor relations involving Information Technology, digital connectivity, cybersecurity, professional secrecy, privacy agreements, non-competition agreements and protection of personal data (LGPD & GDPR).

  • New technologies and labor relations
    New markets and professions
  • Assistance in the preparation of Offer Letters
    Special working arrangements
  • Assistance in recruiting, selection and integration
  • Offboarding protocols
    Downsizing protocols
    Crises management
  • Assistance for outsourcing models
  • Intellectual capital management and succession planning
  • Internal rules, codes of ethics, codes of conduct and People Management policies
  • Leadership development
    Performance assessment models
  • Benefit packages, advantages and complementary pensions, variable pay, bonuses, commissions and participation on results
  • Remuneration of executives and Stock Options
  • Work time regimes and vacations
  • Internship and training programs
    Special talents programs
    Workplace inclusion programs
  • Affirmative actions on human rights
  • Health and workplace security programs
    Quality of life programs
  • Home Office
    Anywhere Office
  • Consultancy for employers
    Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements
    Collective bargaining
  • Disputes involving labor relations
  • Immigration
    and Mobility of

  • Business and working visa, visa for investors, family visa, visa for temporary or permanent residence, visa extensions
  • Citizenship and naturalization for executives
  • International Mobility of professionals

We provide assistance in project financing operations (Project Finance); negotiation and preparation of engineering and architectural supply contracts and subcontracts; Turn-Key and Built to Suit; Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contracts (EPCs) e Engineering, Procurement, & Construction Management (EPCMs); participation in public bids and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP); assistance for the acquisition of urban and rural real-estate assets; Sale and Leaseback transactions; real-estate development and condominium set-ups; licensing processes; legal support for the constitution of high technology centers, smart campuses, smart cities, digital ports and technology hubs; urbanization and allotment plans; financial operations backed by real-estate assets, securitization of real-estate receivables and structured investment funds.

  • Sales and purchases operations and contracts
  • Rental, exchange, donation
    Servitude and leasing
    Right of use
  • Tenancy rights
  • Acquisitions through corporate transactions
  • Consultancy for construction companies, land developers and builders
  • Establishment of real-estate investment funds and equity investment funds
  • Urbanization projects and allotments
    Residential condominiums
    Industrial facilities
    Industrial condominiums
  • High technology centers
    Smart Campus
    Smart Cities
    Digital ports
    Technology hubs
  • Logistics centers
    Theme Parks
    Shopping Centers
  • Infrastructure

  • Engineering and construction contracts
  • Project Finance, derivatives, investment funds, securitization of receivables, issuing of bonds and securities
  • Establishment of collateral and indemnity for loan concessions via credit agencies, development banks as well as domestic and foreign financial institutions
  • Public bids
    Administrative contracts
    Public-private partnerships
  • Public service operators and concessionaires
    Primary and consumer goods industries
  • Governments and state companies
  • Energy, mining, oil and gas, sanitation, supplementary health, telecommunications and transportation
  • Greenfield or Brownfield projects
  • Project analysis from a holistic point of view, ranging from legal-environmental regulations to contractual, societary and tax related issues

We have a vast experience in biddings, concessions, permits, licenses and administrative contracts; support for inspection operations; representation in administrative processes (CGU, COAF, TCU, AGU and ministries); proceedings related to regulating agencies; representation in federal and state-level audit courts; advice on prior consultation procedures and cancellations of administrative acts; assistance in processes of expropriation, preservation, easement, indirect expropriation and other state interventions in private property; constitutionality control actions; legal representation in public hearings, as well as acting as amicus curiae in processes of constitutionality control and of civil liability of the state for damages to private property.

  • Administrative proceedings:
  • Ministries and regulating agencies:
  • Federal and state-level audit courts
  • Appeals, oral arguments and defense in cases of rendering of accounts and inspection proceedings
  • Legal aid for public companies
  • Legal advice for private companies on their relations with public companies
  • Legal representation in actions of administrative improbity
  • Representation of clients in constitutional review actions
  • Advice on every step of tendering procedures and administrative agreements
  • Demands for economic and financial rebalancing of administrative concession contracts
  • Legal advice on permit- and administrative license requests
  • Legal writing
  • Privatization processes
  • Governmental

  • Interlocution with the main players of the national political-economic agenda, as well as the most relevant members of Congress
  • Monitoring of public policies
  • Viability legal studies for the implementation of industrial sites, technology hubs and logistics warehouses
  • Participation in public hearings and consultations

Our mission is to ensure consistent growth of results for entrepreneurs, through intelligent exploration of natural resources, based on sustainable development, in search for eco-responsible solutions and mitigation of potential risks. We are experienced in coordinating the complex processes of environmental licensing, legal monitoring of environmental studies and participation in public hearings, as well as consultancy on the legal aspects of environmental management. Our lawyers also deal with environmental assets (forests, biodiversity and water resources); negotiation, drafting or analysis of sales and purchase agreements of carbon credits on the regulated and voluntary market; climate change mitigation programs, REDD+; conversion of fines into environmental services; biodiversity, genetic heritage and traditional knowledge; drafting of sectoral agreements with indigenous and traditional communities and, when necessary, taking legal or alternative action for the resolution of conflicts involving compensation for social-environmental damages.

  • ESG — Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance
  • Administrative processes in regulating agencies
  • Monitoring of enquiries
    Conduct Adjustment Agreements (TAC)
  • Civil and criminal investigations
    Civil and criminal legal actions
  • Environmental liabilities
    Potentially polluting projects
  • Disasters, contaminated areas and crisis management
  • Permits for the use of natural resources
  • Soil and subsoil exploration
    Water resources
  • Solar and wind energy
  • Environmental Compliance
    Environmental audits for M&A operations
  • Environment and civil liability
    Carbon market
  • Proceedings at the Genetic Heritage Management Council (CGEN)
  • Genetic Heritage and associated traditional knowledge
  • Due Diligence transdisciplinary projects

Visual law design (UX)

Reports, presentations, interactive legal contracts and petitions with high quality graphic design.

What is Visual Law?

Visual Law is the visual communication of legal information with the lightness and comfort of graphic design and its creative tools, in order to ease up the understanding of the contents by addressees and, if applicable, persuade them more effectively, through the combination of high-quality graphic images and simple, straightforward texts. Without legalese.

People are in a hurry

Reports, presentations, contracts and legal petitions are increasingly perceived as dull, wordy and unassertive.

On the other hand, visual communication is, for the vast majority of people, extremely clear, objective and persuasive.

Image is synthesis

Understanding the world through images is a primitive trait of our nature, and that is why design techniques make communication so attractive and, above all, so effective.

After all, nobody writes for the sake of writing.

We want the result

Find out how Visual Law can improve the effectiveness of your legal communication.

On-demand service.
Consult your attorney.

Center for
Visual Law
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