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Focussing on
what really matters

A non-conventional approach in support of leadership.

We are an independent Law Firm, dedicated exclusively to giving Legal Support for foreign companies in Brazil, as well as for Brazilian companies operating in the country and abroad.

We have, at your disposal, a team of experienced specialists in unblocking the barriers, that compromise executives' time and energy, so that they can focus on the work that really matters: exceeding their shareholders' expectations.

That is why we cover all the areas of law, which are relevant to the Industries we operate in, providing multi-specialized solutions — with adaptable service levels.

A meta-legal approach
for businesses

We are not just lawyers. We are business consultants and strategists.

Our most valuable assets are our Intellectual Capital, our methodological alignment, and our ability to organize.

The basis of our culture lies in applying intelligence, agility, elegance, and discretion to each operation we participate in, to each gesture and detail in our relationships.

Our purpose is to continually pursue greatness, without neglecting the gentleness in human relations. We look forward,

without renouncing confidence and friendship.

So, this is what we wish to achieve, in every respect, for all our clients and friends: «having no limits to the top, without losing delicacy and gentleness for small things.»

Committee of



Looking towards the future since 2001.

Moving towards a new Earth.

A completely new human, corporative and economic landscape.

The new markets are no longer the result of long-term transformations. They appear instantly, anywhere, in unpredictable and unimaginable ways.

Digital transformations help to establish horizontal relations between people and organizations, breaking up beliefs in ways, that no one would have imagined.

Accepting no limits, we continually experience the surprise about disruptive solutions, as well as the sparkling of new technologies and connections between people, who are reinventing customs, desires and standards.

That's why we edited our DNA to make Innovation a cornerstone of our culture.

from the inside out

We created an amazing Strategic Committee for Leadership, which enabled us to reach new levels of engagement, commitment and entrepreneurship.

This movement cleared the path for a new cycle of investment in People Development and technological infrastructure.

Then, we created a Communication Center, to further propel the spiral of change. In addition, we gathered our Junior Lawyers into a Legal Lab, to design new legal solutions.

and Identity

We believe that Innovation is possible, without undermining the integrity of our values and principles — without renouncing the legacy that brought us here.

Therefore, we open our doors and Windows, letting all currents get to us.

Nevertheless, we stand firmly on our feet.

Center for
Innovation and

Reputation and

The opinion that really matters.

Admiration and

Our Community, ex-employees and even our competitors acknowledge our Brand as beacon of excellent reputation and credibility.

We are also renown by our clients for the intelligence, with which we approach the opportunities we identify for their businesses, as well as how we guide them towards the right path.

We are proud of our team of prize-winning professionals, awarded by publishing companies and independent associations, as well as official public recognition.

However, the appreciation we get from our clients, their opinion about us and our work, is all that really matters in the end.

We are truly proud of the honors we get from them, regardless if it is in the spotlight of their annual conventions, or in the candlelight of more discreet occasions.

The light of our clients is enough for us.

Center for
Most admired law firm 2012
Most admired law firm 2013
Most admired law firm 2015
Most admired law firm 2016
Most admired law firm 2017
Most admired law firm 2018
Most admired lawyer 2016
Most admired lawyer 2017
Ranking análise advocacia regional 2021
Acritas Stars Independently Rated Lawyers

«ADVOCACIA 500: The Law Firms and Lawyers most admired by the biggest companies»

Our Firm was mentioned six times by the yearbook «ADVOCACIA 500», due to our prestige among CEOs and Legal Directors of companies based in Brazil, with a net yearly income of more than 250 million Dollars.

In a spontaneous, non-directed survey, the participants are invited to cite the name of their most admired Law Firm.

In every edition, our Firm was qualified as a benchmark above the line of the 200 most admired in the overall, — regardless of classifications by category, number of lawyers, size, fields of operation and region.

Using the same methodology, the same yearbook ranked Dr. Caio Vaz de Almeida twice as one of the «Most Admired Lawyers of Brazil».

Regional Leader 2021

In addition to being a benchmark amongst the most admired Law Firms in Brazil, our Firm was specially qualified among the most influential and decisive of the ― highly competitive ― interior of the State of São Paulo.

Star Lawyers™

Our international clients have also nominated Dr. Caio as one of the «20 most prominent Lawyer-Entrepreneurs of Latin America», which awarded him the permanent seal of an «ACRITAS STAR™».

Center for

Ethics and

Generating results, the right way.

Non-negotiable boundaries

Either one has integrity, or one has nothing.

Our company prides itself of the care it gives to every ethical aspect of human relations and of everyday work, ensuring that our team never crosses the line of no return.

That is why we hold the highest standard of internal demand, guaranteeing that every deal is made only for the advantages of its terms.

We do not restrain ourselves to the strict observance of Brazilian Law and the Law of the countries of origin of the corporations and investors we deal with, alone.

In addition, we follow all the indications of the «United Nations Convention against Corruption» as well as the «Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Officials in International Business Transactions» of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

We also follow the guidelines about «Good Practice Guidance on Internal Controls, Ethics and Compliance» (2009), as well as the «Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises » (2011), both issued by the OECD.

We believe, that doing the right thing is good for business, and that honest work strengthens the belief, that despair over the ways of the world shall not prevail.

Caio Vaz de Almeida
Founder and Managing Partner

It's a pleasure
to meet you

If you want to see our office, I can show it to you.


Here you'll find the Essentials about us and the spirit of our team. I hope you enjoy your visit.

I invite you to discover, together with our Leaders, a mew horizon of perspectives and opportunities for your business.

They are awaiting you for a personal talk, or a videoconference.

And, whenever possible, we can have a coffee together. It will be a pleasure to meet you personally.

Caio Vaz de Almeida
Founder and Managing Partner