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Protocol for
official releases

For public agents, corresponding attorneys and paralegals:

On legal content, technical expertise and official releases, please contact us by phone # +55 19 3252-4324 or e-mail the case attorney directly

Praeceptores et alumni

If you took part in our history, please fill in our quick registration form, so that we can stay in touch.

To reconnect with friends, partake in our celebrations, share new opportunities and exchange contacts of seminal suppliers.

You may also publish your articles on our blog, take part in our T&D actions and use our facilities for personal study.

Come visit our office!

Relations with the press

Press Office and Public Relations.

Our partners are experienced leaders in economically sensitive operations; negotiation of complex agreements and hirings; crisis management; oral arguments at court; conciliation, mediation and arbitration; facilitation of workshops; partaking in conferences, drafting of reports, interviews and legal opinions.


Please fill in the application form and enclose it to your introduction. Only in PDF.


Av. Barão de Itapura, 2323
8º floor
, Guanabara
Campinas, SP, Brasil